The Haunted 1822 Cent
by Walter Napolitan
February 20, 2015

EAC 2010 Diary
by Tom Deck

EAC 2009 Diaries (Shawn Yancey, Tom Deck)
by Shawn Yancey and Tom Deck

New 1795 S-79 Reeded Edge Discovery
(Reprinted with permission from Bowers and Merena, October 2008.)

EAC 2008 - From a Collector's Point of View
by Tom Deck

Bonding with Our Coins
by James Higby
(Reprinted from PennyWise, March 2008, with permission from the author.)

The Sale of the Walt Husak Collection
by Dennis Fuoss
(Reprinted from http://earlyamericancopper.blogspot.com, with permission from the author.)

EAC 2007 Diary
by Shawn Yancey

EAC 2006 Diary
by Shawn Yancey

Confessions of an EAC addict
A six-part series by John Pijewski
(Reprinted from PennyWise, with gracious permission from the author.)
Part   1   2   3   4   5   6   PostScript

An amazing collection of 1793 Liberty Cap cents
by Tom Deck
(Reprinted from the Gulf Coast Numismatic Association newsletter, March 2002.)

Talking Beginners - Doing a Show
by Steve Carr
(Reprinted from PennyWise, March 2002, with permission from the author.)

Talking Beginners - Storing Coppers
by Steve Carr
(Reprinted with permission from the author.)

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