The CENT Book 1816 - 1839
by John D. Wright

400 pages, containing 500 high-quality photographs covering every variety in the Middle Date series.

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The CENT Book was released at the 25th anniversary convention of Early American Coppers (EAC) on 3-5 April, 1992. This is the first new standard reference work on varieties of U.S. cents of 1816-1839 in over fifty years.

The author, John D. Wright of Saint Joseph, Michigan, has collected this series for over forty years, and has written many numismatic articles over the past thirty years. He has been a frequent exhibitor and speaker on various large cent topics at local, state, regional, and national club, EAC, and ANA conventions over the last twenty-five years. His "Study on Overdated U.S. Large Cents" won the silver Heath literary award in 1969. He authored the large cent section of the popular 'Red Book' (A Guidebook of U.S. Coins, Whitman) in 1979, and the chapter "It Makes Cents" in Perspectives in Numismatics in 1986. He was a member of the original ANA Grading Board, and was a consultant to ANACS for over a decade for authentication and grading of early U.S. copper. He has been a leader of EAC and a Contributing Editor for Penny-Wise since 1968, and a member of Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) since 1981. The CENT Book has been in active preparation for twenty years. It was chosen by NLG as "Best U.S. Coin Book of 1992".

This is the first work ever to cover this series in a manner well suited to both the beginner and the advanced collector.

The author photographed coins from several prominent collections to provide almost 500 three-inch-diameter photographs showing excellent examples of every known variety of the series, and another 400 photographs in the lifesize die-chains in the back of the book.

The CENT Book includes an extensive glossary, discussions of several topics of interest to copper collectors, and a complete rarity table. The discussion of each year puts these coins into the context of their times in a very entertaining manner. The presentation of each of the 246 varieties of 1816-1839 cents includes a complete description of each die, striking variations and die states, and an individual variety discussion including rarity, known population by grade, discovery and known history of the rarer varieties, and a general idea of expected prices. By using this book, a single cherrypick could repay the cost of the book and more. And a careful reading could seriously infect the reader with "the cent disease".

The CENT Book has compressed into 400 8.5x11" pages over forty years of in-depth experience by one of the best-known authorities on this fascinating series, and admirably shows the author's infectious love for the old coppers. It is available for $120 plus $5 for shipping from the author:

John D Wright
1468 Timberlane Drive
St. Joseph, MI, 49085
E-mail: theJohn@SBCGlobal.net

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"Best US Coin Book of 1992"
    -- Numismatic Literary Guild

"This is *THE* book on the subject"
    -- Money Tree

"John didn't leave out a thing"
    -- Warren Lapp

"Your book is beautiful! I congratulate you on the content"
    -- Herb Silberman

"I especially like the historical notes"
    -- Tom DeLorey

"The CENT Book is fantastic! The year-by-year history is a very nice touch and keeps you reading"
    -- Tony Carlotto

"It's all I'd dreamed it could be and more"
    -- Mark Klein

"I have Adams, Breen, Grellman, Newcomb, Noyes, and Sheldon, but The CENT Book is the best"
    -- Rich Striley

"The pictures are so sharp they make attributing an absolute pleasure"
    -- Jules Reiver

"If you want to KNOW large cents, get The CENT Book. If you want to ENJOY them, same book"
    -- Alan Corson

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