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The sample coin below is an 1846 Large Cent, Newcomb-10 variety, in Very Fine condition. Below are pictures of the coin, taken in all three sizes that I support; Small, Medium, and Large. You can click on the small pictures to see the coin full-size.

772x420 pixels
FileSize: 143Kb

1139x620 pixels
FileSize: 275Kb

2116x1152 pixels
FileSize: 648Kb

Note that these file sizes will vary per coin. For Small and Medium photos, the height will always be 420 pixels and 620 pixels, respectively. The width may vary slightly. For Large photos (which are available for coins the size of a Half Cent and greater,) the height will be up to 1220 pixels. (For Large Cents, the height will be approximately 1150 pixels.) All photos are stored at the maximum-quality JPEG setting for best results. The file sizes per coin should not differ significantly from the samples above. Some suggested uses for each size are given below:


  • eBay selling
  • Website uses, where the filesizes need to be small
  • eBay selling (for better coins)
  • Closeups needed of details
  • Extremely fine examination of certain details (die cracks, repunched dates, etc.)
  • Insurance purposes
  • Archiving
  • Recommended for submitting to photo-print services for hardcopy blowups

More Samples:

I've provided samples from a range of different coin types below. You can click on the small coin photo to get a larger photo. Note that all photos are examples of the Small photo format.

The last year of production for the Shield Nickel. A nice, problem free specimen with original surfaces and no problems.
A key date Morgan, with nice original surfaces and heavy wear. This is an example where you can use "Special Instructions" to modify the photo; in this case, a blowup of the mint mark is shown.
A beautiful, lustrous $5 gold piece. Notice that there are some very minor hairlines in the lower obverse field on either side of the portrait. These show plainly in larger photos.
A key date Liberty "V" nickel. The gentleman who let me shoot this coin told me he didn't realize it had all of the scratches, which are very evident in the photo.
A choice brown example of this key date in the Lincoln Cent series. Photo shows that the obverse has a bit better detail in the reverse.
The first year of the Peace Dollar. Coin has great detail, but the photo clearly shows that this specimen has been cleaned.
An extremely lustrous example of this classic type, with a hint of golden toning on both sides. No problems to speak of.

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