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Early Dates: Liberty Cap Type (1793)

1793 S-13

By far the most challenging coin to purchase in my opinion, at least for me. I spent over two years trying to purchase a 1793 Liberty Cap, and finally was fortunate to find one. S-13 is by far the most common of the '93 caps. This example is a nice smooth Good with an old scratch in the right obverse field. I have no provenance on this coin; if anyone has ever seen this coin before, as a former owner, in an auction catalog, etc. I would like to hear from you!

1793 S-14 Bisecting Crack Obverse

Another real tough cent - this one is a low R5 (60 to 75 known.) I won this from the Bowers and Merena auction in January 2002 - the consignor, Roy Sturgeon, had amassed a collection of 57 1793 Liberty Cap cents! This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to select from such an array of '93 caps. There were 12 S-14's in the auction alone! Interesting story - the first time I attempted to purchase a '93 cap was at EAC 1998, in the USCents auction. Craig Hamling had a Fair-2 example of a S-14 (and there were two more in the EAC auction.) I was second high bidder on the USCents specimen. It turned up again in the Bowers and Merena auction, though; Roy Sturgeon had acquired it from the high bidder in the USCents auction.

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