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Early Dates: Wreath Type (1793)

1793 S-8

A rather nice wreath cent I purchased from someone locally who had bought a huge type collection. This coin, along with a 1793 half cent and a 1793 chain cent, was in it. Great planchet with a very readable date, but with three old, shallow depressions over "ONE" on the reverse and another smaller one on the upper right part of the bow. One of the "Vine and Bars" edge types. It came in a PCI slab; I quickly busted it out, as was my duty.

1793 S-11b

I bought this in a Superior auction. It was in an ANACS slab labeled "Genuine - Corroded", but it does have a readable date. I removed it from the slab to free it from its prison. This is the S-11b variety, the "b" being the edge device used - it's the lettered edge with two leaves. An important coin from the first year of Federal coinage.

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