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Early Dates: Liberty Cap Type (1795)

1795 S-75 Lettered Edge

Another one of my favorites - I got this one at the Biloxi Coin Show in early 1997. (No, it wasn't cheap; in fact I had to borrow from a friend to get it!) It's smooth with all legends very bold. It's also a lettered edge; in 1795 500,000+ coins were of the plain edge (thin planchet) variety, and just 37,000 were of the lettered edge (thick planchet) variety. The edge lettering should read ONE HUNDERED FOR A DOLLAR. The odd thing about this coin is that some of the edge lettering is doubled; on my specimen it reads something like this: ONE HUNDRED FORFOR A A DOLLAR R. Strange early error! I didn't notice this (it wasn't advertised as such) until I got home that night.

1795 S-76b Plain Edge "One Cent High"

The most common variety of the plain edge 1795 - I got this one because of the coin's condition - a nice way above average Fine. I got it from a fixed price list. A nice complement to the 1795 Lettered Edge pictured above.

1795 S-77 Plain Edge

My second example of this variety - this one came from the Phillip Clover collection that was sold by Heritage in 2012. Plain edge, with ONE CENT centered. Notice how the leaves on the left all nearly touch UNITED, which is a good identifer for this scarce variety.

A tougher 1795 variety at R3+ that I had been trying to acquire for some time. A few years before this one came up I was high bidder on a nice one on eBay until getting outbid at the last moment. This one was lot #321 in the EAC '03 auction, which I attended personally. This specimen is a later die state with "17" weak and lots of reverse swelling.

1795 S-78 Plain Edge

The second most common variety of the plain edge 1795. I got this one from Heritage's Online Auction in 2001. I cracked it out of an ANACS slab marked VG8. A very common variety, but seemingly difficult to find nice.

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