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Early Dates: Draped Bust Type (1799)

1799/8 S-188

This is the scarcer of the two 1799 Sheldon varieties, at R4 (very scarce.) Difficult but not impossible to find. I purchased this from an EAC friend of mine who had several pass through his hands in 2000. I was happy to end up with this one; a very nice Good with a better obverse and a weaker reverse and no problems.

1799 S-189

A nice, lower grade coin I purchased from an EAC dealer. Struck from misaligned dies, where LIBERTY is virtually gone but the date is strong. (On many '99s, LIBERTY is strong with the date weak, and in my opinion it's much more desirable to have a coin with a weak LIBERTY and strong date.) This is an upgrade, condition-wise, from an ANACS AG3 I had for over 10 years before I found this one. It doesn't have quite the detail of the ANACS coin but the surfaces are fantastic for a '99.

1799 (Altered from 1798 S-179)

A very deceptive alteration from a 1798 Sheldon-179. Those familiar with the characteristics of a genuine '99 would spot this as an altered date, given the position of LIBERTY and the date, and especially the reverse. I purchased this from a gentleman whose father bought the coin in the 1940's, and the alteration occurred probably a long time before that.

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