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Early Dates: Draped Bust Type (1800)

1800/798 S-190 Type I Hair

A nice specimen of this scarce variety, and interesting in the fact that it has the type I hairstyle from 1796 - 1798, which is missing the extra curl. Apparently the mint recycled an unused 1798 die (with all digits punched in) and made an 1800 die out of it. S-190 is only slightly scarcer than the only other type I 1800 overdate, S-191. Unlike the type II overdates, the "9" is very hard to see inside the circle of the first "0", as well as the "8" inside the second "0". (The type II overdates don't have an "8" inside the second "0".) I purchased this from a fellow EACer who recently bought a nice large cent collection.

1800/798 S-191 Type I Hair

The slightly less scarce variety of the 1800 overdate with type I hair. This is a nice example I purchased from an EAC buddy off his fixed price list. An upgrade from a low-grade example I purchased off eBay back in 2003.

1800/79 S-192

A nice coin an EAC buddy picked up for me at the 2006 ANA show in Denver. This coin had previous been sold by Superior as part of the Mike Iatesta collection. Very nice example with only minor marks, and the arcing die crack going through the 1 of the denominator and through IC is clear. This completes my 7-coin mini set of Sheldon-numbered 1800 overdates!

1800/79 S-193

The second toughest of the seven Sheldon-numbered 1800 overdates. Purchased from an EAC buddy of mine, who got it off eBay, who acquired it from a Superior auction, which was consigned by John M. Ward, Jr., who purchased it from Darwin Palmer, who purchased it from Del Bland. What a pedigree! Not a choice coin, but definitely one of the better ones and the overdate is bold. This variety features a distinguishing die crack from the left of the fraction bar through the bottom of U through the top left of N to the rim.

1800/79 S-194

An interesting coin for a number of reasons! This is one of the semi-scarce 1800 overdate coins; the die was originally prepared as "179" with no ending digit, and then later modified to 1800. Early in this die pair's life, the dies clashed, producing an injury at RTY of LIBERTY and (perhaps) causing the rim cuds on the reverse. This coin has two small planchet voids on the obverse but has otherwise great surfaces (most 1800-dated cents are yucky; this is a nice exception.) It came in an ANACS slab graded Fine 15, but is now resting comfortably freed of its tomb in a cotton-lined envelope.

1800/79 S-195

A tough 1800! This is the rarest of the Sheldon-numbered 1800 overdates. After a great deal of searching, I ended up with this one out of the EAC 2005 auction, which an EAC buddy of mine bid on for me. Micro-porous, but very nice in every other way.

Heritage Photo
1800/79 S-196

One of the advantages of attending an auction is the lot viewing - catalog photos have improved substantially as of late, but nothing substitutes seeing the coin "in person". This was one of the Jules Reiver Internet-only auction lots, so there was an Internet photo, but no catalog photo. Also, this coin was labeled "Environmental Damage". (I'm guessing the vast majority of 1800's would be in this category!) I really wanted this coin as an upgrade to my original one; it does have minor porosity, but it's very minor, and it's the coin's only problem. Great detail and a bold overdate.

1800 S-197 "Q" Variety

The third example I've owned, none in very high grade. But this was a nicer example than the second, so this was a good condition upgrade. A neat variety, and a bit tough to find with nice surfaces.

This is one of the more interesting 1800's - the "Q" variety. This is the second example I've owned; an eBay purchase from 2011.

The first example I owned was one found on eBay back in 1997, a Good 4. I then found out from the seller that he had a better one, which I purchased from him. Die breaks through the first "0" in the date give this variety its nickname. (This is often mistaken for an 1800/79 overdate.) It also has an interesting break from the rim through "IB" of LIBERTY, turning right and filling in the space between "BE" and the top of the hair.

1800 S-198

An eBay "Buy it Now", of all things. (I already owned one at the time, but just liked the look of this one better.) Not a bargain, but reasonably priced. A decent example with some minor porosity, but good detail with a clear die crack from the top of the 1 in the fraction to the ribbon end above.

The first one I owned was also an eBay purchase, from a seller whom I didn't previously know. It was from and old collection, housed in an ancient 2x2 that was falling apart. The 2x2 was labelled S-198, R6. Definitely cleaned at one time but is retoning. This one particularly sparked my interest due to the reverse cud; S-198 is rare already, but only 4 or 5 exist with the cud (according to the Jules Reiver catalog, in which there was a specimen with the cud for sale.)

1800 S-199

A nice example I purchased from the EAC auction in 2011. This was a slight upgrade from my original coin (described below,) plus it has the added bonus of having the reverse cud above (O)F on the reverse.

A very scarce variety (R4). 1800's are tough to find nice (i.e., not dark and porous.) This coin is a welcome exception, albeit low grade. A late die state with reverse die swelling. Surprisingly easy to attribute, due to a die crack from D in UNITED to the rim. Also, this variety usually comes on a larger, thinner planchet than normal.

1800 S-200

A scarce variety at R3, but exceptional condition-wise. I purchased this from an EAC buddy, who previously had acquired it from Tom Reynolds. Any nice, choice 1800's are extremely tough, so this one was hard to pass up. It displays the die sinking at "STA" of STATES, and the die crumbling on the 0's in the date.

1800 S-201

I got this from an EAC buddy off of eBay. A rare variety at R5, and just as tough to find. Some light corrosion but overall a decent piece. This is the last cent I needed with this obverse, which is shared by S-199 thru S-202.

Goldberg Photo
1800 S-202

The second specimen of the variety I've owned, with this being a major condition upgrade. I purchased this coin from the Dan Holmes sale in 2009. This is one of those varieties that's easily recognized immediately due to the large obverse break from the lower curl to the rim at K8. Furthermore, this is a late die state with prominent reverse swelling at "ED STATES" and "AM".

The first example of this variety I owned came from an EAC gentleman who advertises in CoinWorld. A very tough variety at R4+, and one I had been searching for for awhile at the time.

1800 S-203 Clash Marks Reverse

I got this one locally, unattributed. There was what looked like a huge cud on the reverse, so despite its low grade I figured it would be fairly easy to attribute. Turns out the cud-like area is actually a reverse image of the bust point. (A better grade example would show part of the date in this area too.) An interesting cent for the price.

1800 S-204

The second example of this variety I've owned; I got this one from Shawn Yancey. A nice upgrade to my first coin described below.

An unattributed, eBay purchase, and a nice lower-grade example. When I bought it I was only about 50% sure it was a S-204, so this was a nice surprise. Not a rare variety, but one that seemed to take forever to find!

1800 S-205

An eBay "Buy it Now" purchase. (I just love "buy it now".) Very elusive variety at R4, and a very pleasing coin for an 1800. The 1800's are tough to attribute; this one being slightly easier, due to one important diagnostic. The S-205 has a wide date, and it shares its obverse with S-206. How to tell S-205 from S-206? Look at the berry just to the left of the ribbon on the reverse. If it's leaning to the right, as is on this example, it's S-205. If it's leaning to the left, it's S-206.

1800 S-206

A purchase off an EAC buddy's fixed priced list. A few small marks, but definitely nice for the variety (and the year!) A die crack from the top of the second 0 in the denominator, through the bottom right ribbon end, and to the bottom right tip of (C)A is helpful in identifying this variety.

1800 S-207

I got this off USCents auction. A decent 1800, definitely not choice, but not many 1800 cents are! Planchets were bad that year, and in 1801. This coin has a small triangular-shaped cud on the reverse, right at the fraction.

Heritage Photo
1800 S-208

One of the "problem" coins out of the Jules Reiver sale - this coin was in an NCS slab labeled "Environmental Damage". I suppose that's fair - the reverse has some porosity. The obverse is quite nice, however, and has the cud at TY that later die states of this variety possess.

1800 S-209

I got this one off of Auction Universe - my first perfect date 1800. These aren't too easy to find for some reason. Sheldon originally had this coin as a rarity-5, but CQR shows it as a rarity-3 today. The planchet is ever so slightly dark and rough, as is typical for the 1800 date. Still a decent coin. This particular variety has the widest-spaced date of any 1800 perfect date.

1800 S-210 Comma Variety

I purchased this coin from an EAC buddy who knew I was looking for one. One day I get an email that he has a nice S-210 that's being sent to him. Recently on cointalk.org, a S-210 shows up, and I make an educated guess based on the description that it's the same coin. As it turns out, it's a different coin, in a PCGS VG10 holder, and definitely a keeper. The coin is Ex: Col. Steve Ellsworth, and came with his envelope. Col. Steve had graded the coin 8+. I call it an 8. The coin sold in the EAC 1995 sale, lot #223, where Tom Reynolds called it a 7. It's currently in the Noyes database as a 6. That's 5 different grades for the same coin! This is the comma, or chips, variety, due to a die defect above and to the right of B in LIBERTY. This is the last 1800 variety I needed for an 1800 Sheldon set!

1800 S-211 Large Planchet - LDS

Here's another one of those neat varieties - the coin was struck on a larger-than-normal planchet, like a few others from this year, and it's consequently thinner than a normal large cent. This is a nice, choice one with a weaker reverse. It's a late die state, with die breaks at the date and swelling in the right obverse field. I purchased it from an EAC friend of mine.

1800 S-212

A decent coin I purchased from an EAC buddy of mine off his fixed price list. Decent planchet for an 1800, with some light nicks and scratches, but none of the corrosion that often accompanies cents from this year.

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