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Early Dates: Draped Bust Type (1802)

1802 S-225

A nice example I found in an online Heritage auction. (It has since been freed from its ANACS slab.) Easily recognized by the "1" in the date touching the hair and the "dentil marks" through 02 and to the right of the date under the bust. An earlier die state without the cud under the date.

1802 S-226

I got this one off of a fixed price list. Nothing spectacular about this one in the way of errors or die breaks, but it was advertised as a G5, and the portrait is much better than that! Needless to say I didn't send it back.

1802 S-227 Clashed Obverse

A nice example that I purchased from the EAC auction in 2011. This was a slight upgrade from my original coin, described below.

A coin found at the 2006 ANA show in Denver and purchased for me by an EAC buddy. Recognizable by the clashed obverse, which occurs when the obverse and reverse dies accidentally come together without a planchet to strike. Part of the wreath is visible under LIBERTY's chin, and more clash marks are visible in the field just right of LIBERTY's eye. A tiny scratch on the bust is the only defect on this coin. Technically, this completes my set of Sheldon-numbered 1802's! (I can think of at least one variety that are in serious need of upgrade however...)

1802 S-228 1/000 Fraction

I acquired this coin as part of a trade. One of the more interesting 1802 varieties, due to the blundered fraction, which reads 1/000 instead of 1/100. This is the only 1802 variety with the error fraction, even though, it shares its reverse with 1801 S-223. A nice coin which shows the error well.

1802 S-229

Recognized by the right-leaning 8 in the date, 02 close, and a lopsided fraction. This came out of Evan Kopald's fixed price list, where he described it as "rough and corroded", which I think is a bit harsh, although it does have some porosity. An underrated variety in my opinion.

1802 S-230

This is one of the coins I bought at the Fort Walton Beach coin show in February 1997. It is my first 1802 cent, back when I collected strictly by date. I don't even remember the reverse die breaks when I purchased the coin (shame on me. However, I bought Penny Whimsy later in 1997 after I got hooked on the early coppers.) A common variety.

1802 S-231 Stemless Reverse

Not a real scarce variety, but neat due to the Stemless Reverse. This particular coin is an upgrade from an AG3 that I purchased at the 2nd annual GCNA show. I'm pretty sure I saw this same coin at the 1st annual show, in a different dealer's case, at a higher price. (At that time, I tried to negotiate a better price but was unsuccessful.) Glad I waited.

Goldberg Photo
1802 S-232 T cut over Y LDS Cud Reverse

Probably the third example I've had in my collection. A very common variety, but this coin features several errors: T cut over Y in LIBERTY, die clashing of the lower bust at OF, and a reverse rim cud at AT of STATES. A very nice example I got from the Dan Holmes sale in 2009.

1802 S-233 T cut over Y

A nice coin that I purchased from the Mike Iatesta sale (Superior, 9/2005), and an interesting variety where the "T" in LIBERTY is cut over a "Y", along with S-232. The coin was graded VG10 in the Superior auction. As it turns out, this coin came from the EAC 2004 annual auction, where it graded VG8. Surprisingly, it sold for a bit more in the EAC 2004 auction, where it was graded more conservatively. Guess that goes to show that copper people bid on the coin, not the assigned grade!

1802 S-234 Dripping Paint

My third example of this variety. And the only coin I have that has William Sheldon in the list of former owners! Someone had sent me several coins including this one to sell, and I ended up purchasing it. The "Dripping Paint" cud has formed over B of LIBERTY but is not fully developed yet on this specimen.

An upgrade to one I purchased in 2006 at the Jules Reiver sale. (Actually a downgrade in sharpness, but a major upgrade in CONDITION.) I purchased this coin at the EAC 2009 auction. Hard to find nice VG draped busts of any variety, much less scarce ones. The "dripping paint" at LIBERTY is clear, although it's not the terminal die state.

Listed as an R3, but I believe the variety is tougher than that, especially in the later die states. This was probably one of the cheapest coins in the Jules Reiver auction, at least in terms of the floor sale. It's quite porous, but the coin has no other problems and has a bold date and a full "dripping paint" cud that hides the upper part of the word LIBERTY.

1802 S-235

This was an eBay purchase from an unfamiliar seller (after awhile, you can usually figure out the seller from the title or description. Pretty sad, I know.) Good feedback however, and a good photo. This coin was housed in a PCI red holder for surface damage, I think. (I don't keep cents in slabs except for the really rare ones!) Easily recognized by the obverse cud. This was purchased nearly at the same time as the S-234 above.

1802 S-236

A nice coin I purchased at the 2nd annual GCNA show. Nice upgrade to my old VG7. And a later die state, with impressive cracks and a cud on the reverse.

1802 S-237

A nice eBay purchase. I had a scudzy one for several years before upgrading to this specimen. S-237 has the widest date of the 1802's.

1802 S-238

An upgrade from my first coin, purchased in June of 2013. A nice "condition upgrade" from my first coin. And the reverse cracks are bold.

I got this one from an EAC buddy the same time I got my S-200. This is the scarcest variety of 1802 at R4, not counting the NC varieties. It displays some neat die cracks on the reverse, particularly throught the fraction bar, the right stem, and through the "U" in UNITED. Not a choice coin but definitely not bad for the variety.

1802 S-239 Elephant Trunk

The second example I've owned, and a nice upgrade from my first example described below. An EAC buddy had this one on his website. Neat late die state with bold obverse cracks and reverse clashing at the fraction. Housed in a PCGS VF25 holder.

I bought this one locally if you can believe it. There just aren't many large cents in the area. Turns out I already had the variety, but this example is not porous and shows the forehead "Elephant Trunk" die break well, despite the coin's low grade. Another interesting feature is that this variety lacks the berry to the right of "T" in CENT.

1802 S-240 Vertical Crack in Bust

A scarce variety at R3+, which I personally think may be underrated; this variety seems much tougher to find than R3. An EAC buddy of mine bought a large collection of cents and this one was in it. Very choice for the grade - wish all my 1802's could look like this. Neat variety for die cracks; the obverse has a crack which looks like a spear embedded in LIBERTY's bust; the reverse has several cracks which intersect in the central reverse.

1802 S-241 Stemless Reverse - Double Fraction Bar

The other stemless reverse for 1802, the first being the S-231. (I like to call this the three errors reverse of 1802). An interesting variety because the second S in STATES was first cut very low, then corrected. Also, there are two fraction bars; a light one above the normal one. This reverse is also found on the first variety of 1803, S-243, but the 1803's were actually struck BEFORE the 1802's! A nice coin that came originally from the John Pijewski sale and I subsequently purchased through an EAC buddy.

1802 S-242

The last variety of 1802, I got this from an EAC friend of mine. It's just a nice, smooth brown, everything you want in a low-grade cent.

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