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Early Dates: Draped Bust Type (1805)

1805 S-267 Blunt 1

The most common of the 3 1805 varieties. Easily attributable by the top leaf on the reverse being left of the "S" in STATES. I got this out of a Heritage Internet auction the month after the S-269. (Both coins were graded ANACS F12 - what a coincidence!)

1805 S-268 Blunt 1

I found this coin locally - quite a miracle. This was a real "cherry" - there are 3 varieties of 1805's, and this one by far is the scarcest. It's a rarity 3 today; back when Sheldon came out it was considered a rarity 5! By far my highest grade Draped Bust cent, too. The dealer I purchased it from doesn't attribute his coins, so I was excited when I looked at the reverse and realized it was a S-268. This is another of my favorites.

1805 S-269 Pointed 1

This coin came out of a Heritage Internet auction, where it was slabbed in an ANACS F12 holder. The online picture was awful, but the coin did not disappoint. This variety is a bit tougher than S-267, even though they both are rated as Rarity-1.

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