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Early Dates: Draped Bust Type (1807)

1807 S-271 Comet

An example of a "downgrade" from a much better coin. Someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse on my first example below, which helped me pay off other coins at the time. This current example came from a good EAC friend of mine. This one has a few marks but great color and a bold Comet.

This is the second example of this variety I've owned; the first was a nice VG that came from an EAC buddy. This present example came from the Goldberg sale in January 2010 and is currently in a PCGS VF30 holder. I found it at EAC 2010 sitting in Chris McCawley's case. I traded him a nice 1838 N15 and some cash for it. A choice EAC 20 with a bold comet, and one of the highlights of EAC 2010 for me, coin-wise!

1807/6 S-272 Small 7/6

By far the toughest 1807, and one of the "famous four" varieties, the others all being much tougher (1803 large date, small fraction; 1795 Jefferson Head; 1794 Starred Reverse.) An EAC buddy of mine got two of these off eBay in the same auction (that's right - two!) He sold this one to me, which had the better detail of the two but has obverse hairlines on the portrait.

1807/6 S-273 Large 7/6

I bought this at a coin show in Cincinnati, Ohio many years back. This was my first overdate coin; I probably bought it more because of that than because it was a large cent. Very pretty and problem free. Much, much more common than the "Small 7/6" variety, which is a rarity-4+. (I can't afford one of those right now!)

1807 S-274 Mound at "STA"

Second scarcest 1807, next to the 1807/6 Small 7/6. I got this one from an EAC buddy - a much better than average specimen for the grade. This is the "mound at STA" variety, called this due to the die sinking in STA in STATES on the reverse.

1807 S-275 Large Fraction

Slightly scarce variety - much more so than the very common S-276. This was the last variety I needed for a complete 1807 collection. (I found this soon after getting the S-272.)

Heritage Photo
1807 S-276 Large Fraction

The most common variety of 1807, but a neat one because it comes in just about every conceivable die rotation. This specimen came from the January, 2006 Jules Reiver sale. The reverse is rotated about 170 degrees counter-clockwise! (In the Heritage photo, I rotated the reverse the way it is on the actual coin.) This variety is sometimes confused with S-275, but on S-276, the word LIBERTY is very close to the head, where on S-275 it is more distant.

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