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Early Dates: Classic Head Type (1808)

1808 S-277

I bought this from a fellow EACer. This is the last date I needed to complete the Classic Head series by date, so I was very happy to finally get an 1808. This one has a neat little crack on the reverse which arcs through D in UNITED through the last S in STATES. The die sinking at STATES causes that word to be weak. A nice Classic Head cent conditionwise.

1808 S-278

The last 1808 I needed to complete a set of 1808's (all 3!) The scarcest variety of the year, which turns out isn't all that scarce. This is the second example of this variety I've owned, and this one was a slight upgrade to the first.

1808 S-279

I bought this from an EAC buddy, indirectly off eBay. (The coin didn't meet the reserve even though I was high bidder; we subsequently agreed on a price.) Nice Classic Head! These are very tough to find "nice", and 1808 is not an easy year to find.

This is my second S-279; I bought my first at a coin show. After waiting many months to find a decent 1808, I finally bought a S-277 above and then a S-279 a few months later; go figure. The S-279 had nice detail but was moderately porous. The coin was "net" priced. At the time I didn't know what that meant and asked the dealer if that was his best price; he informed me (in a nice way) that it's impolite to ask (directly or indirectly) for a discount on a net-priced coin. Good lesson.

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