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Early Dates: Classic Head Type (1810)

1810/09 S-281

I got this one at the FUN show from Chris Young. Really great detail for a Classic Head cent, but is slightly porous. There are 5 varieties of 1810 cents, and only this one is an overdate. This variety is one of only two overdates in the Classic Head series.

1810 S-282

I found this coin on eBay. This is a common date and variety, although 1810's seem to be slightly harder to find than 1812's and 1814's. And normally these come with some problems, and I couldn't really find anything wrong with this one - just a nice, Good+ with a great even strike on the obverse.

1810 S-283

Purchased off eBay from an EAC dealer. I had bought this variety (or so I thought) many years back, but as it turns out, this original coin was a S-285! So for many years my Classic Head collection wasn't complete. (Hopefully now it is.)

1810 S-284

A slightly tougher variety, this is the last 1810 I needed and the last coin I needed to complete a set of all 19 varieties of Classic Head cents. A friend of mine purchased a decent coin for me at the EAC 2001 convention. This present coin is a slight upgrade to the first one.

1810 S-285

The second example of this variety I've owned, and a huge upgrade from the first. I purchased this from an EAC buddy from a large group of early dates that he had.

My first Classic Head cent (but definitely not the best.) I got this at a local coin show and it was very cheap, as I remember. (Just 18 more Classic Heads to go...)

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