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Tom's Personal Collection
Early Dates: Classic Head Type (1811)

1811/0 S-286

I got this one of Numismatics Online auction - my first experience with them. Turned out I was the only bidder on it! Breen says this variety usually comes dark and on rough or defective flans. This one is a bit better than that. A tough R3 variety to find nice; I removed it from an ANACS holder, where it graded F12.

1811 S-287

I got this from one of my EAC buddies who keeps an online fixed price list. It was in an NGC holder graded F12. I immediately inquired about it (owning a dog of a S-287 at the time) and was told that it had already been sold. Later however, the original buyer backed out and I was offered the coin. 1811 cents rarely come nice, so this was a very fortunate opportunity to acquire a nice one.

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