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Early Dates: Classic Head Type (1813)

1813 S-292 Distant Star

There are only two varieties of 1813 - the Close Star and the Distant Star, pertaining to the closeness of Star 13 to the date. This is the more common Distant Star variety, where the "3" in the date is 2 1/2mm from the closest star. I had one in Good, and this specimen was an eBay purchase and a decent upgrade from the first one. Hard to find nice!

1813 S-293 Close Star

My first purchase of 2000! A nice, smooth Good coin. I got this at the FUN show in Orlando. Not sure what caused the uneven wear, but the portrait has a lot of detail for the grade. I got sick at the beginning of the show; this ended up being my only purchase of the whole show. I had to buy a plane ticket to get home early; not cheap. (So this is by far the most overpriced coin that I own!)

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