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Half Cents: 1793 - 1857

1800 C1

Purchased from a friend of mine, who got it as part of a lot on eBay. A nice G++ or weak VG, depending on your grading standards. Nice surfaces but not choice. Only one variety for 1800, making attribution easy. Distinctive because the reverse has small letters and single leaves at the top of the wreath.

1803 C1

I got this for doing web design - probably a few hours of work, and only got paid 1/2 of a cent! Neat piece - has a die crack across the reverse. I had an 1803 at the time, but this was a nice upgrade.

1804 C6 Spiked Chin - Braig Die State 8.0

A lot of information for one coin! The Redbook-popular spiked chin variety, caused by something damaging the dies on the obverse by the chin (and the mouth.) The reverse is covered with cuds, and there are dozens of different die states for the reverse. This one is Braig 8.0 (the system developed by Gene Braig,) which is one of the last die states for this variety. According to Ron Manley (author of The Half Cent Die State Book,) this is the second-most common die state for the variety. This specimen came out of the Joe Dooley sale of Half Cents.

1804 C13 Plain 4 Stemless

I bought this one in New Orleans in 1995 from a store on Royal Street in the French Quarter. At this time I wasn't concentrating on coppers, but this one just said "buy me." Nice, no problem early half cent! Interesting that the 1804 half cents are very common while the large cent is not.

1805 C1 Small 5, Stemless

I've been collecting early copper for over 16 years but had never owned an 1805 half cent... until now. A nice example I purchased from a fellow EACer, along with an 1806 C1.

1806 C1 Small 6, Stemless

A nice example I purchased from a fellow EACer. Small 6, stemless reverse. This was a coin that was sent to me to photograph so that it could be sold on eBay, but I inquired about what the Buy it Now price was going to be, and consequently I "bought it now". The only 1806 half cent I've ever owned.

1807 C1

This is the only die pair for 1807, so if you want an 1807 half cent, this is what you get! This example is just a nice, circulated coin. Note the engraver's slip on the right side of the fraction bar.

1808 C3 Normal Date

My second example of this variety, which I purchased from a consignor. I kept this one for two reasons - it was a bit nicer than the first, and it came in "medal" alignment, which is pretty neat!

C1 and C2 are the 1808/7 varieties; C3 is the normal date variety for the year 1808. This is an interesting variety for a few reasons; the second "8" in the date is quite different from the first "8"; it's actually two 0's on top of each other, from the same "0" punched used in the denominator of the fraction! Also, C3 often comes in "medal" alignment, meaning if you turn the coin over, top to bottom, the reverse is upside down instead of right side up. However, this specimen is in the normal alignment.

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