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Tom's Personal Collection
Updated May 11, 2019

Early Dates: Chain Type


Early Dates: Wreath Type


Early Dates: Liberty Cap Type

1793   1794   1795   1796

Early Dates: Draped Bust Type

1796   1797   1798   1799
1800   1801   1802   1803
1804   1805   1806   1807

Early Dates: Classic Head Type

1808   1809   1810   1811
1812   1813   1814  

Middle Dates: 1816 - 1839

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Late Dates: 1840 - 1857

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Half Cents: 1793 - 1857

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Recent Additions:

1798 Large Cent S-156 Reverse '95 (Ex: Dan Holmes)

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About Me

I collect mainly early date large cents (1793-1814) with some middle dates, late dates and a few other odds and ends thrown in for good measure. Many of them are in low grade, but I've tried to get decent coins for the grade in general (not always successfully.) When I first started out, I decided to try to build a date set from 1793 to 1857 (which took quite a long time,) with little respect to quality. As I've matured, I find myself pursuing coins with nicer eye appeal. (This is probably a common evolutionary path for most collectors!)

To view the collection, just click on one of the links above to go to a specific category. All photos are taken with a Canon T2i DSLR camera using an OTT lite for a light source.

I am proud to be a member of the Early American Coppers Club (EAC) and have been a member since 1997. If you have an interest in early copper and are not a member, I would highly recommend joining. Just contact me or go to EAC's official webpage, http://www.eacs.org, and especially view the video "Benefits of Membership". There are no other coin clubs quite like EAC in terms of people who are passionate about coins and are willing to share their knowledge about them.

If you have a coin-related webpage and would like to swap links, please email me at tom@largecents.net and I'll be happy to give you a link to your page.

Thanks for dropping by!
Tom Deck (EAC #4574)