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Tom's Personal Collection

1787 Fugio Cent Newman 18-U

A coin designed by Benjamin Franklin! I purchased this from a fellow EACer - just a nice, smooth good, with planchet striations on the obverse, which is typical. Colonials are not my area of expertise, but I had always wanted a Fugio, and this was a nice one I couldn't pass up. Normally I attribute all of my coins, but I needed help with this one.

1787 New Jersey Colonial Copper Maris 6-D

My second New Jersey copper, and maybe just a TAD nicer than the other one, the 48-G. I purchased this from the man who literally wrote the book on these, Michael Demling, at the FUN show in January 2015. I also bought his book to go along with the coin. There's something charming about the crudeness of these - the horse's ears look like an "M". I'm not currently forming a collection of New Jerseys (I'm writing this as of 4/2016,) but of course that's subject to change. (If you like New Jersey coppers and don't have Mike's book, it's a must-have!)

1787 New Jersey Colonial Copper Maris 48-G

My first colonial coin! I traded a MS64 Franklin Half Dollar for it in January 1998. Not the prettiest coin around. It has a horse's head and plow on the obverse (and a partial date, if you use your imagination) and a shield on the reverse. The motto NOVA CAESAREA (New Jersey) appears on the obverse and E PLURIBUS UNUM is on the reverse. At least a partial motto appears on both sides of this coin. According to Breen's Encyclopedia, this particular coin was struck by Matthias Ogden in early 1788, but was backdated 1787. It's a common variety.

1793 Norfolk Conder Token

I received this as part of a large cent purchase I made a long time ago. A local Conder expert was able to attribute it for me as a Norfolk 47a, plain edge variety.

1815 Spanish 8 Maravedis

What's this doing here, you might ask? It's basically a large cent sized coin, dated 1815. Since no large cents were dated 1815, this is my "hole filler" for the date. Neat coin, with a large die crack in the upper obverse.

1825 N10 "Tommy Softball 23" Counterstamp

An incredibly rare and historic counterstamp. This counterstamp commemorated and honored Tommy "Crazy Shoes" Deconstanzo, the little-known inventor of softball, probably in the mid-1850's when Tommy invented the game. Tommy is also credited with the invention of the balk, and he was known to be strictly opposed to the DH rule.

Only about half a dozen examples of the counterstamp are known to exist today. All are counterpunched over an 1825 large cent, the year of Tommy's birth. Furthermore, all known examples feature a small hole at K12, as these were purportedly worn around the necks of the players of the fledgling sport as a symbol of good luck.

This particular "Tommy Softball 23" counterstamp is struck over an 1825 N-10, which is an R3+ variety. The coin boldly displays Tommy's uniform number, 23, in the center of the bust, which is a unique placement of the numeral; all other known examples have "23" stamped to the left side. The "B" in "SOFTBALL" is also boldly double-punched, adding to the mystique of this legendary coin.

1837 Hard Times Token Low 19/Rulau 33 "Executive Experiment"

A neat piece I purchased on eBay. I figure every early copper collector should have at least one hard times token.

1837 Feuchtwanger Cent Low 120/Rulau 268

An interesting private issue made of german silver, produced and circulated by Lewis Feuchtwanger, a Bavarian, during the late 1830's/early 1840's. A nice uncirculated specimen. Die pairing 6-I, which is common.

1860 Indian Cent

A high grade pleasing example.

1861 Indian Cent

A nice example of the toughest date in the short Copper Nickel series.

1862 Indian Cent

A choice XF+ example. Bought from Rick Snow, the leading expert in Indian cents.

1864 Indian Cent (Copper Nickel)

A nice XF+ example. Not easy to find decent 1864 copper nickel cents. Purchased from Rick Snow.

1872 Indian Cent

I got this off eBay. Tough to find as a date, and especially in VG for some reason. Housed in an ANACS slab.

1909-S Indian Cent

A nice, low-grade no problem coin! I got this as part of my commission for selling coins on eBay. Yes, I will work for one cent (if it's the RIGHT cent.)

1912-S Lincoln Cent

A nice example of this semi-key date.

1924-D Lincoln Cent

A nice example of this semi-key date.

1806 O-115 Draped Bust Half Dollar

Part of a large type collection that was purchased locally. I don't really collect these, but if I ever do this is a good place to start. TY of LIBERTY are repunched, and there's a die crack below the date and over STAT. Not a rare variety but a neat one.

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