Run by Shawn Yancey, one of my favorite copper dealers. Always has a nice assortment of Large Cents for sale at reasonable prices.

Chris Victor-McCawley (CVM)
One of the top copper dealers in the country. Excellent site consisting of early copper from Colonials, Half Cents (1793 - 1857), Large Cents (1793 - 1857), and tokens. Complete with photos of all coins.

H. Craig Hamling Rare Coins
H. Craig Hamling's fixed price list (one of my favorite copper dealers.) Contains mostly large cents, with some other early copper and a few odds and ends. Very professional site with excellent photos of all coins in inventory.

Hannigan's Rare Coins / US Currency, LLC
Buyers and sellers of coins and paper currency. Specializing in early copper, silver, and gold coins.

The stories behind the coins. Excellent site run by Matt Yohe. Contains articles covering the gamut of numismatics from ancients, foreign, and U.S. coins. Also features book reviews, personal stories, collecting tips, and coins for sale.

The Al Boka 1794 Collection
Al Boka's personal collection of 1794 large cents, with excellent photos.

The Collection Connection
Personal collection of John Meyers, featuring many different series of U.S. coins, including a date set of large cents.

Early American Coin Gallery, LLC
Tom Reynolds' fixed pricelist. One of the premier dealers of early copper (colonials, half cents, and large cents,) especially high end pieces. Tom's site not only includes his pricelist, but also includes photos of better coins, plus a grading/condition scale and rarity chart.

The Butternut Company
Col. Steve Ellsworth's site. Features fixed pricelists for all copper by variety (in Excel spreadsheet format.) There's always an excellent selection, and the list is updated often. Also online is the "Butternut Bites" archive, featuring tips for collectors.

Yahoo! Early American Coppers Discussion Group
This group is for anyone who collects, or is interested in, Early American Copper Coinage. Its focus is on Large Cents, but Half Cents, Colonial Coins, Conder Tokens, and Hard Times Tokens are greatly welcome.

Coin Today
Numismatic portal featuring comprehensive daily news and online resources including price guides and dealer directories.

The Collectors Weekly
A resource for collectors and people who love antiques and vintage items, with a very nice section specifically devoted to copper coins.

Offers a wide selection of numismatic materials, collectibles and information to assist you with your hobby.

USA Coin Book
Specialized in coins and is also an alternative to eBay where members can buy, sell and auction coins. Also provides an online price guide.